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5 Tips on hiring an earthmoving contractor



When you are looking to engage an earthmoving contractor whether it is for bobcat hire, excavator hire or even sand and gravel supply make sure you have great planning for your project as this will save you time and money. Drafted plans, engineered drawings even a hand drawn mud map can help tell a story for your project.

Time and Money

Being able to match the right machine for your project is essential. This can be easily overlooked and cause a project to be unproductive. Earthmoving contractors often charge by the hour so if the machine is not matched to the task this will take longer and cost more. If you are unsure ask your earthmoving contractor for advice or suggest a site visit.


Performance and skill level can also vary how your site work is completed. Ask if your earthmoving contractor employ professional and accredited operators as well as being fully insured and compliant to the relevant OH & S requirements.


Research the market and find an earthmoving contractor that is reliable and available. Remember earthmoving contractors are in a service orientated industry, so hiring on price may not give you the best value for money, do your homework first.

Total Project Solutions

Most projects often require many trades and services. Reduce your time by engaging numerous earthmoving contractors and find an experienced company that offers multiple services such as spoil and rubbish removal, top soil, sand and gravel supplies as well as flexible hire rates.

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7 Responses

  1. You make a really good point about making sure you hire an experienced earthmoving contractor that can handle multiple types of jobs. It would take a lot of time to do research on dozens of different companies, which can make your project take longer than normal! However, if you find a really good contractor who doesn’t do everything, you could ask them for recommendations!

    1. Sammy

      Thank you for your response to our latest blog.
      Totally agree with your comments around supporting recommendations. We are strong advocates on using our unique network of professional trade customers, who we often work together with on specific items.
      If we are able to share knowledge to add value to our clients we are following our purpose.
      Hope things are going well in W.A, thanks again for reading our blog.

      Sammy G

  2. We have been looking to do a little excavation work on our yard, and needed to hire someone to help. I think it’s a great idea to match the right machine with your project. I wouldn’t want a giant excavator for a little dig.

  3. Online resources would be another way to get to the best contractors. Run of the mill providers don’t usually have a website. Complete any online form that some websites have and take note of the response time. In some ways, the website inquiry methods will show how these contractors operate and respond.

  4. I really like what you said about being able to match the right machine to the project. I’m not very construction savvy, so being able to do this for me requires a lot of help. It would make sense that you would want to use the right machine for the job though because it is way more efficient.

  5. My wife and I have a huge landscaping project planned for next year, so we are thinking about hiring an earthmoving contractor for some heavy equipment. I like that you suggest drafting plans and making drawings so the contractor can understand your project better. We’ll be sure to write up some clear instructions so it’ll be easier for them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Useful Tips! Thanks for sharing the tips on hiring earth-moving contractors. I suggest Trenchless Pipe Laying Contractors for any kind of Trenchless and construction services.

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