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The History of Earthmovers

Earthmovers Brisbane – a long history

earthmovers brisbaneToday, we take earthmoving equipment for granted. We can’t remember a time when we could easily access machinery to move huge quantities of earth and rock. But even a hundred years ago, things were very different.

Ancient times

Earthmoving equipment goes back to ancient times. There are descriptions from ancient Rome of cranes and other heavy equipment existing. Despite this, it still would have been very hard and labour intensive to dig and move large amounts of earth and stone.

Steam Power

Until the industrial revolution, all heavy machinery was man or animal led. Teams of men would have to painstakingly shovel dirt or rocks into carts or sleds, that would be dragged away by horses or other animals. But when steam power was invented, everything changed. One major invention was one of better known heavy machinery items, the steam roller.

20th Century

The turn of the century saw the invention of the internal combustion engine. This saw an explosion in the creation of many of the diesel powered heavy machinery and earthmoving items we see today. Mass production of earthmoving equipment started around the end of World War I, and helped industry, construction and farming grow steadily.

Today we are lucky enough to have a huge range of earthmovers in Brisbane available at our fingertips. It’s now easier than ever to hire an earthmover for your own business or project. Just chat to the team at Carsburg to get started.

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